Chemotherapy Kills More Than Cancer Does

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It comes as no big surprise that Big Pharma would hide the fact and cover up the stories that verify chemotherapy, in fact, kills people, not cancer. A book published recently entitled “The Doctor In the House” written by a famous epidemiologist from Germany named Dr. Ulrich Able, outlines the harmful and devastating effects of chemotherapy has on patients. This is a must read book for anybody that is going through cancer and considering having chemotherapy treatments done. Doctors and pharmacists along with the pharmaceutical industry do not make money when individuals are healthy. They make their billions of dollars a year off of individuals who are sick and suffering. One single cancer treatment can run upwards of 1 million dollars.

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Are you curious as to why you don’t know the truth about this? Professionals throughout the healthcare industry are still in the dark ages promoting chemotherapy even as they know it does not and cannot eliminate lung cancer, breast cancer or colon cancer. These are not just random statements they have facts that verify the solidity implied. Pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and physicians would not kill us for their own private profit gains, would they?

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Take for example Dr. Farid Fata. This individual prescribed chemotherapy treatment to patients that were not suffering from cancer. He ended up pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to pay and receive kickbacks. This means he was receiving extra money from the pharmaceutical companies for prescribing they’re dangerous drugs. Mr. Fata also was guilty of 13 counts of health care fraud. That’s still not it. There were also two counts for charges of money laundering. The only good thing that came from this has he spilled the beans and told on hundreds of other individuals that are doing the same thing throughout the medical community. His ongoing cooperation with authorities will no doubt result in reduced time for his sentence if he even serves time. Most likely he will go into the witness protection program as authorities go after the enormous group in which Dr. Fata exposed.


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