Chewbacca Mom Goes Viral B/C It’s the Simple Things

The shocking truth is from time to time everybody needs to have a little bit of fun. It truly is the simple things in life that Inspire encourage and give us the pep and vigor we need to continue. There’s enough sadness, anger, and despair in life on a daily basis to drive a person mad. It will probably be why pharmaceutical companies are so successful in advertising their narcotic Pharmaceuticals on daytime television. Just recently a mom on Facebook took over and went viral. The simple, happy, loving mom was not doing something stupid well.

She was having a great time in the parking lot of a Kohl’s wearing a Chewbacca mask that she had just bought herself as a gift for her birthday. So she does say she will let her children play with it the truth is you can tell this woman is completely captivated by the legendary Star Wars character Chewbacca! You have to watch this video if you haven’t seen it around Candice Payne for yourself. I guarantee if you have any kind of simple joy in your life this video will bring a smile to your face. I personally couldn’t stop giggling. Check it out below!


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