Chicago Should Be Called Murder City Not the Windy City

The shocking truth is America likes to hide its problems. Nobody knows this better than the people who live in the state of Illinois. Chicago has always been the center of crime and corruption when it comes to America. Many say that the combination of gangsters and mobsters combined with police officers gave birth to politicians. Perhaps that is why for the last seven governors in the state of Illinois are serving or have served prison time for corruption.

Apparently this trend never changed and so something is evidently in the air or water in the state of Illinois. Mother’s Day weekend this year the shocking truth is people were not very kind to their mothers at least the ones that went on a rampage. In a record-breaking set of violence, 41 people were wounded the weekend of Mother’s Day due to shootings across Chicago, and eight were killed.

Rumor has it that a purge of sorts is happening in Chicago. So if you live in the windy city, perhaps you may think about relocating, or just locking your doors and staying inside for the rest of your life.


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