Child-Like Leader and Hostile Ruler

In the news, that’s not so shocking but should be shocking news North Korea has threatened an attack on South Korea. Over the recent years, the leader of North Korea has flexed is biceps more than once. On multiple occasions, North Korea has gone against treaties and warnings by testing long-range missile capabilities. This reclusive country is shrouded in mystery. While their leader makes himself out to be a God it is unclear whether the people truly worship their leader or are in fear of him.

We’re going to go with Everybody’s scared of this lunatic. He executes people for the strangest things like not developing enough lobsters. For the leader of a nation, he acts more like a butt hurt little child. Maybe he really doesn’t have a butthole. That would explain why he’s so full of s***.

It makes one wonder how much longer nations around the world will listen to a child like leader? I notice that Kim Jong-Un seems to have no love for America at all except for when it comes to American fashion, food, and entertainment. I guess that also shows a little bit about America statue. Kim has no problem flexing to Barack, but you never see him step to Putin. Or the King of Jordan. The King of Jordan will straight up tell you he’s going to kill you. Then he’ll hop on a fighter jet and drop bombs on you until he accomplishes his mission.

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