China Just Denied a U.S. Port Visit

In news that has people across the nation rattled and politicians scratching their heads China officially denied permission for the United States aircraft carrier the USS Stennis and its accompanying Naval vessels permission for a port call in Hong Kong. Speculations are flying across the board that China’s military is gearing up for an invasion. The massive amount of China’s population would give their man army a sizeable advantage to many adversaries.

The world has been a relatively quiet place for some time beyond the small Wars that are going on and have continued for decades. These words happened around the world. However when super powers such as China and the US begin to butt heads the outcome of this inevitably dangerous show of balls is not a good one for anybody.

Tensions over Beijing’s ascertainment to the claims in the South China Sea have created tensions between the US and China. This is not the first time trying to has denied us a port call, but it has been nearly four years since this happened. The speculation that is shooting across the internet hopefully is not true. The shocking truth this another country could be gearing up for an invasion as your reading these words.


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