Coastal California Carbon Could Cause Chaos

California recently saw an increased amount of carbon known as a carbon spike. Many individuals are not aware that when there is a rise in methane or a carbon spike as they’re  called that often a tremendous earthquake will follow these amazing spikes. California course is sitting on the notorious San Andreas Fault. However, there is another less known fault line that runs all the way up into Utah.

The cracking of the fault lines could cause all sorts of potential disasters and catastrophes. Should California San Andreas Fault Line rupture on its own it could leave California submerged in the ocean. However, the fault line that runs along the San Andreas 1 and in the Utah could end up allowing California to snap in an essence creating an island. The voice would then be filled with thousands of gallons of ocean water rushing in. This void being filled would change ocean levels.

If these levels would happen to change in a short amount of time it could cause an instantaneous shift in the Earth’s axis. This could lead earth into an ice age or into a time of extreme heat. So if you’re not worried about California because you don’t live there, you might want to take a second thought and look at a little bit more in-depth information about size, mythology and how earthquakes can affect regions directly and indirectly.


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