Cocaine Tainted Beer or Was it the Water Supply?

The shocking truth is you’re not always sure about what you’re drinking inside of those tin cans nowadays. Reports are coming in across the country about how our water system and sources are being poisoned. From Michigan to Texas to Seattle and California nowhere is safe. Water restrictions and lower water qualities in states such as Florida and California are starting to take effect on the public.

Food prices are skyrocketing, and people are starting to be fined for using water when they are not supposed to. Meanwhile this natural resource is a financial source of income for the government that claims it. They sell it to the people in which it rightfully belongs to. One thing you might not expect is that water would contain things like drugs. Reports are circulating the internet that Coors the famous Colorado beer company known for making the infamous Colorado Kool-Aid or Coors brand beer reportedly has cocaine in it.

The FDA was forced to ask Coors to halt production until they figure out how the FDA’s cocaine was leaking into the Coors factory water source. It is reported the FDA has a stockpile of cocaine for research purposes. The stock pile of cocaine is kept in an old outdated container like everything else the government has and is said to be leaking. Is cocaine leaking into our water source? This is starting to become a common occurrence, and that is a shocking truth!


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