Colors Aren’t the Color You Think They Are


This shocking news just in! Some people around the world have gathered to attempt to establish a new order of things. In recent studies conducted by the United States government which cost an estimated over 900 billion dollars, the federal government came to the conclusion that we have looked at colors wrong our entire life. That’s correct blues, reds, pinks, yellows, aqua, teals and all the colors of the spectrum are wrong and not as we believe them to be. He is changing the principle of all kinds of things. From business names to product descriptions now there are multiple lawsuits on the table as colors are not what they were made out to be. The false representation of colors by people for decades has led to a mass build up and backup of the court systems with lawsuits.


The government has threatened to blow up yet another building and destroying all the documents if people do not stop filing lawsuits at least temporarily. Let’s help to convert another disaster and try to rectify the truth behind the color crisis identity. The epidemic did not come into play until the issue of that stupid dress on Facebook. Deeper research studies are showing that people do not truly understand colors and that what may be blue to one person could be pink or red or green to another! This lack of perception of color means that basically you will believe anything you are told as long as you are told it long enough! Makes you wonder what else you’ve been lied to about throughout your lifetime doesn’t it?

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