Cordyceps or Catepillar Fungus Could Hold Many Health Benefits

The shocking truth is there are some pretty wild and outlandish things out there that are worth more than their weight in gold. One of these things is a caterpillar fungus. This caterpillar fungus is known as Cordyceps and is located in the Tibetan Mountain Range. Nomadic Tibetan, who used to be herders, have found a more than lucrative alternative to bringing in substantial amounts of cash.

This caterpillar fungus or cordyceps is highly sought after by the Chinese middle class. It is used for a multitude of medications ranging from impotence to asthma. The demand the Chinese have put on this strange substance has made a fungus that is high quality worth more than its weight in gold. The fungus only grows in a very remote area, and this makes the caterpillar fungus exceptionally rare.

Farmers that have turned to harvesters of the caterpillar fungus cannot keep up with the demands the Chinese have. The Harvest this year was reported to be the lowest ever and environmentalists claim the long-term impact of harvesting this fungus could have a detrimental effect on the sensitive environment which exists in the tranquil region known as the Tibetan plateau.

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