Corned Beef or Human Meat?

The shocking truth is if you eat canned meat you better think twice about what you’re eating. First of all eating canned meats is not the greatest idea in the world to begin with because you never know what it is. Those Vienna sausages could be people knuckles for all you know. So if you’re not okay with swallowing down humans, rats, kangaroos, giraffes, elephants, or other strange rodents or animals don’t eat canned meat.

China recently was accused of selling marinated human flesh that was turned to Africa as food. This is kind of a shocking claim considering China has invested so much money in Africa. A rumor in the local African tabloids claims that the Chinese are collecting dead bodies and using human meat that is marinated to sell to Africa as corned beef.

All of this canned human meat and dead body collection being marinated stuff has to do with some Chinese meat factory workers who were quoted claiming that the nonhuman meat was being sent to more powerful trade partners due to limited burial space. I don’t know about you, but I feel like some canned corned beef on second thought no I don’t never again!


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