Could Another Crater of Doom Be in Our Near Future?

The shocking truth is an asteroid could strike the Earth again and create another Crater of Doom like the one in Mexico at any time. The Chicxulub crater in Mexico is the site of a cataclysmic event that occurred millions of years ago. According to science 66 million years ago a giant asteroid slammed into the surface of Earth in Mexico. This crater is buried under the Yucatan Peninsula.

The crater was given its name due to the center of its impact being allocated by the town of Chicxulbub. This asteroid impact is said to have affected three-quarters of the life on the planet approximately 66 million years ago when it made its impact. Scientist have excavated material from this impact site, and reportedly this material contains signs of life. Allegedly microbial life forms started where they had previously been annihilated.

The impact of this asteroid was said to have caused a winter like condition that blanketed the planet for several months. This is what killed off all of the dinosaurs that were reptiles allowing the mammals to survive beginning the evolution of humankind. So, was this really a crater of doom? Perhaps so seeing that human life came from it according to science.


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