Could Cannabis Oil Save Penises From Cancer?

In recent news, a man from America that took men who live in this country by surprise everywhere the first successful penis transplant was shocking to many people. In an effort to bring awareness to this problem and rising epidemic the gentleman who had the procedure wanted to let the world know that you can lose your penis to cancer. Since men learned their penises could fall off due to cancer, there has been much controversy.

No one wanted to believe it at first. Now that further research has been done by top political leaders it has been decided that cannabis must be legalized in order to save our penises. Politicians are leaning towards cannabis legalization not because it will benefit the people or can help the people but so they can get free cannabis oil to jerk off with.

They believe that by masturbating with cannabis oil, their penises will not fall off. After all, what is a good politician without a penis just ask Bill Clinton. If you don’t believe your penis can fall off due to cancer, then you need to look into the facts. You can save your penis by masturbating with cannabis oil some believe, and thats the shocking truth.


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