Crime Scene or Movie Set?

Shocking news is coming out of Houston Texas after what would appear to be an action scene from an upcoming Blockbuster movie was being filmed in an auto shop. Unfortunately, this was not a movie set this was actually real life. Police were called to the scene of an auto detail shop in Houston just after 10:15 a.m.

Reports came in from customers describing a man in his fifties driving into the auto shop. Just a few short minutes later a gunman proceeded into the shop and opened fire. During the altercations, there were several gunshots exchanged. Three police vehicles were damaged, a police helicopter was shot five times with a high-powered weapon, and several people were taken to a nearby hospital.

Several individuals were shot while driving their vehicles in the area and gunfire hit a pump at a nearby gas station also igniting a fire. The gun man was shot by a SWAT officer after killing a customer and shooting several other individuals. Two males and one female were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, and two officers were also shot during the altercation but were later released from the hospital. There was no definitive answers at this time as to what the motive of the shooting was, but the shocking truth is it doesn’t matter where you go you are never truly safe.


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