Cussing Parrots Are All the Rage


If you have seen the spoof movie called Scary Movie, then you have seen the cussing bird and can imagine what a foul mouth parrot might sound like. People believe that birds are some of the dirtiest animals on the planet. I believe that is because birds are always showing their pecker. A parrot named Hairyal was detained in an Indian city called Rojura. The bird was detained for showing his pecker. Not really but seriously he was detained for cussing at an elderly woman.

parrot 2

This parrot picked up his nasty habits from Suresh Sakharkar, the birds’ owner, and trainer. No, the bird did not just listen to the man cussing all the time. Instead, the bird was trained in the special use of obscenities. These cuss words were taught to the bird with one purpose, and that purpose was to torture his stepmother who was 85 years old. However, this bird was an exceptionally smart bird while in custody it did not say a single word to the police.

This type of parrot abuse happens too often. There was a woman in California that had an issue with a parrot that would constantly scream out the Spanish word puta, which when translated in English means whore. Apparently a foul-mouthed parrot is all the craze nowadays. See what happens when too many people save money on their insurance. What happens is they buy up all the Falcons and people have to resort to foul-mouthed parrots instead!


Enjoy this video of a random cussing parrot!

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