Dare to Legalize Drugs or At Least Take the Recommendation of Top Health Professionals

The shocking truth is that the War on Drugs aka the attempted eradication of cannabis has epically failed. It has epically failed on such a pathetically large-scale level that it’s been gaining recognition from medical experts. Medical experts are coming to the conclusion that all drugs should be decriminalized!

The John Hopkins University along with the Lancet which is a top notch medical journal had a panel of 22 medical experts that called to the governments around the globe. This call was for them to decriminalize the possession and use of all drugs when there is no violence involved. The shocking truth is that this is actually closer to happening than one might think.

On 4/20 of 2016, world leaders from around the globe will be gathering to discuss a unified drug reform program. The United States of America is said to have a game-changer to present to the nations of the world. Many are speculating that the United States of America will take the advice from the John Hopkins University and issues the suggestion of decriminalizing all drug use and possession when it is non-violent.

The United States of America needs to do something to show that it is not a follower, and it’s still a leader. Other countries around the world have already adopted the complete decriminalization of all drugs and it is working quite beautifully. If United States of America where to set the example being one of the largest countries in the world ever to implement this type of action it could be a real game-changer.

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