Darth Vader Just Got Ranched After an Attempted Robbery

Superheroes and villains have been battling it out in our streets for some time now. Every once in awhile we get a real out-of-this-world visitor such as Darth Vader. Darth Vader reportedly robbed a convenience store in Jacksonville Florida. This Darth Vader used the force of fear to try and take the cash from this convenience stores register. However, this convenience store clerk was not exactly sure how to take being robbed by Darth Vader and this is where it gets a little cheesy.

The store clerk took a jar of blue cheese dressing and threw it at Darth Vader’s head striking him in the face. This caused him to bleed and Darth Vader cowardly like ran out of the store and jumped in his car to make an escape for a new Galaxy. He didn’t get far as hyperdrive was not working in his car.

A short time later the man was identified as Jeremy Mercer a 32-year-old from New York. Darth Vader apparently has a slight history of robberies as he has also made off with an undisclosed amount of cash from a North Carolina Bank and another bank in Toledo Ohio. Jeremy better be able to prove that he wasn’t in either of these places around that time or the force may not be with him.


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