David Hasselhoff Still Makes What Every Month?

The shocking truth is some people will do anything for money. Even if that means doing absolutely nothing for the rest of their life and claiming that somebody owes them a certain lifestyle due to them previously being married. This is exactly what’s going on with the notorious David Hasselhoff.


Many know him is the star of Knight Rider While others know him as the one and only Michael Knight! He is in court with his ex-wife Pamela battling and asking the courts to cut her off. In shocking news, David Hasselhoff still makes $112,000 a month. He spends half of this he says, and his ex-gets the rest.


That means she gets roughly $60,000 a month or a $252,000 a year spousal support check. The shocking truth is if you’re going to get married and you have money you better get married in Europe don’t do it in the United States because you can lose everything whether you’re a man or a woman when you split with your other significant partner should you have a difference in opinions. Love doesn’t always last forever, and that’s the shocking truth!

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