Deli Meat and Bread – Somethings Are Just Better Together

The shocking truth is when you hear the phrase “I’ve got the bread let’s meet” you probably think of some sort of criminal activity. The last thing in the world you think about is sandwiches unless of course you were like Tony Soprano and like to meet at Delis.

The shocking truth is the phrase “I got the bread let’s meet” is not what either of these individuals had in mind when their day started out. Apparently on I-287 located in New Jersey a tractor trailer was hauling a load of deli meat. Was it coincidence that on this same I-287 in New Jersey another truck at the same time was hauling bread? Some people are speculating there was foul play from the start.

The tractor trailer full of deli meat ended up colliding with the bread truck creating a lunchtime collision of epic proportions. There was enough Hoagies from this accident to feed a football team. The shocking truth is driving down the Interstate in New Jersey you may just find yourself in a situation where you find people that have both the bread and meat. Always be wary of what’s on the Jersey roads and that’s the shocking truth!

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