Devastation is on the Way and Big Wigs Are Quitting


Just in case you are one of those kinds of individuals that believes everything on our planet is just fine and that the environment can repair itself no matter what we do here is a wake-up call for you. When the head boss of the UK’s Environment Agency up and quit you should know that trouble is on the way. Sir Philip Dilley did just that.

Due to excessive flooding as well as his lack of being in the UK during this time and choosing to attend of the issues from the Caribbean he has come under great scrutiny. He says he is more than qualified to do the work and that everybody else can piss off he quit. However, he did admit that he should have come back earlier.


There is a bigger story here, and if you believe this gentleman quit a job worth 100,000 euros a year for three days a week, you’re crazy. He knows there’s a much bigger issue coming and does not want to be held responsible for the devastation that is in store. Geographical climate changes are happening all around the globe as drought San floods are striking areas everywhere along with strange weather patterns of heat and snow in places that are not normal. Perhaps this is how the dinosaurs met their doom, and it is our time for extinction.


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