Did Johnny Depp Beat His Wife?

The shocking truth is even in Hollywood people will lie to gain publicity as well as money. In recent shocking news, we learned that Johnny Depp will soon be a single man as him and Amber Heard just recently announced that they would be getting divorced. In a shocking upset during court this past week, Amber Heard made allegations that the actor with a 400 million dollar fortune supposedly was very mentally and physically abusive towards her throughout their 15 months of marriage.

Since these allegations surfaced and she was awarded a temporary restraining order against Depp, many individuals have come into the limelight speaking out against these allegations and in support of Johnny. The truth is we may never know whether or not the actor was abusive within their relationship.

What we do know and the shocking truth of this story is that people will consume every moment of their lives over the next several weeks waiting in anticipation to see how their divorce unfolds. The shocking truth is stories such as this will gain more attention than the story surrounding the real atrocities that are occurring around the world.


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