Did Mexico Finally Actually Detain El Chapo and Where is He Headed Next?

Mexico apparently has managed to successfully capture the notorious El Chapo. Not only have they managed to capture him, this time it appears they have managed to keep him in custody as well. As of May 21st Mexico has reportedly agreed to extradite El Chapo to the United States of America.

This is where El Chapo can be incarcerated and held accountable for his crimes in the eyes of many. To those who really know what’s going on this is where El Chapo’s friends are trying to get him over here so that he can continue to grow their cocaine supply. Those in political power with no good hidden agendas have lush plans in store for El Chapo.

The shocking truth is individuals with this much power very rarely see any kind of consequences for their crimes. If anyone should be worried about El Chapo it should be the editors and executives what were at Rolling Stones Magazine that set up the interview with Sean Penn and El Chapo that led to his arrest. I wouldn’t want to be any of those people. Especially if El Chapo is extradited to the United States. Just because he’s in federal custody doesn’t mean you are safe. Now there’s a shocking truth!


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