Did Obama Just Send a Signal into Outer Space and Get a Response?


President Obama while in Hawaii climbed to the top of an extremely high point on a rugged trail. This, as you could imagine, was very surprising to some hikers to see the President of the United States there. It’s considered to a little bit of an extreme hike and not something your average everyday person does.


Perhaps you have heard the story about how Obama is an alien. Maybe he was going to the highly elevated spot on the Island of Hawaii to help fix a satellite dish or other beacon. A device that could beam a signal to a faraway planet to help communicate with aliens that he’s trying to get back home. Or even worse, signally them to invade Earth.


Maybe it was just a coincidence that the Western skies were lit up from California all the way across Arizona and Nevada with what many individuals say where spaceships just a short day after his hike. The located in Los Angeles California received numerous calls. Everyone from reporters to citizens and more was baffled left with no explanation of what they were witnessing or had just seen.


Fox News was quick to give us an explanation to help soothe our inquiring minds. Supposedly the fireball that people saw high in the sky that night was nothing more than Russian space junk from an SL4rocket booster that Russia launched into space on Monday.


How much longer can they keep the alien visitors a secret? Not much longer with today’s technology! So the next time you see something in the sky try to remember to pull your phone out as quick as you can and record it. You may just capture the evidence needed to prove what many have already known for years. That is, aliens are amongst us. Check out the strange occurrence for yourself here.




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