Did the Weather Channel Just Admit to Controlling the Weather in the Future?

The shocking truth about weaponized weather and our government controlling our weather is that it is getting closer and closer to being a reality every day. Scheduled rain as well as droughts may not seem like such a big deal to some but think about it for a minute. If you can control the rain, you can control whether or not crops grow in the area, which in return controls the price of food. If you can make a drought, you could starve an entire area or worse. Weaponized weather is happening.


Even places such as the weather channel are acknowledging that control of the weather is being attempted as we speak. They say they may not be able to control the weather “yet” but they can keep you dry. A great example of how weather patterns work is when you have a beautiful week planned and suddenly rain pops up because there are chemtrails all over the sky first thing in the morning. Mid-afternoon your sky is beautiful and clear. No sign of rain in sight anywhere and then the weather report says suddenly rain will come in at 3 o’clock and like clockwork you have severe thunderstorms with massive amounts of lightning and torrential downpours and then like clockwork they turn off as predicted.

This is weaponized weather being controlled by our government for their own personal gain. If you don’t think it’s happening do some research yourself, and you’ll find out, it’s real. That my friends is the shocking truth.


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