Dinosaur Erotica is Real, and Popular

As well read as you could be, you have likely never heard of this sub genre that is vague before. Yes, “dinosaur erotica” is devoted to the market world of dinosaur fetishes and mythological creature penchants, with a number of its own names including “Conjugating together with the Raptor,” “Taken in the Dinosaur Museum,” and “Ravished by the Triceratops”. Yikes.

Unexpectedly “Fifty Shades of Grey” looks as harmless as “The Hungry Caterpillar.” But what is the allure of the bizarrely unique fetish?

Alara Branwen, coauthor of several dinosaur erotica novels, about what she believed the allure of dream dino was requested by the Huffington Post -sex was. “Some folks also likely such as the thought of a big, strong, huge male about having sex with a smaller female. It is like the greatest sexual encounter with an alpha male, which is some thing that we’re all naturally wired to love.”

Although there is hardly any data of the demographics the genre does seem to really have a solid heterosexual female following.

“There are numerous delights possibly on offer here – the undeniable fact this is truly dream,” she said. “Even if there’s evidence that dinosaurs existed, we do not understand masses about them, and they’ve mythological qualities. It is a bit like ‘magic’, where all rules become suspended, and for this reason it might well permit… for types of creative risk taking hopeless in more conventional couplings.”

Picture credit: Christie Sims



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