Dinosaur, Gator or Government Experiment

I’ve heard of many sports teams having mascots, but I have never heard of a real-life 16-foot alligator being a mascot of a golf course. Last week the internet became shocked when a video was released of a gargantuan Jurassic Park sized dinosaur like alligator just calmly strolling across the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto Florida. Since this video came into the public’s eye, it has become an internet sensation.

Locals, as well as the staff at the golf course, say that he’s been around the area for a while and frequently visits the golf course but has never bothered anyone as long as they keep their distance and do not bother him. Some individuals believed that this alligator was an escaped scientific experiment that was being conducted by the US government just off the Gulf Coast.

The shocking truth is the shocking truth has been telling you for a long time that aliens live amongst us and that the dinosaurs are still here. This gator seems to be even more proof that our theories are true.



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