Dinosaurs are Not Extinct They Walk Amongst Us

Dinosaurs didn’t go extinct they just shrunk. Many people believe in the theory that a giant space rock collided into Earth’s atmosphere creating an atomic cloud of radioactive dust that blanketed the Earth. This cloud of dust blocked out vegetation as well as poisoned the rivers and streams. Dinosaurs fell victim to radiation poisoning and ultimately suffered extinction.

Some people do not agree with this theory and believe that something quite different happened actually. Many would say that dinosaurs are still here they have just shrunk and taken different sizes. When’s the last time you looked at an alligator, a Gila monster, or any other kind of strange reptile or lizard. Many of them resemble dinosaurs. Just picture the gecko lizard or average size alligator thousands of pounds instead of being the small creatures they are suddenly we would have dinosaurs. Even birds have a lot in common with Dinosaurs.

If you were to imagine a bird being several hundred or even a few thousand pounds compared to what they are now then yes my friend we would have dinosaurs. Maybe dinosaurs didn’t go extinct they actually changed and evolved with evolution. Knowing that the Earth would not be able to feed them all with their massive size they started a process of downsizing much like people are downsizing to tiny homes today.


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