Dinosaurs Really Did Turn Into Birds

Our prehistoric friends may not have gone extinct after all according to many out there. Dinosaurs once roamed the land. These massive creatures are enormous in size. Everything in the prehistoric time period was colossal. This is a time when the planet was still evolving, and gravity was taking effect. Scientists for decades have speculated that a meteorite was the cause of the mass extinction of dinosaurs. What if that wasn’t it?

What if through evolution things started downsizing and becoming smaller much the way human society is turning to tiny homes. What if all of your dinosaurs just became modern-day lizards, snakes, alligators, and other types of reptiles? What if some of them evolved into birds? Many things such as the shape of their pelvic bone and their feet represent the abilities for dinosaurs to have turned into our flying feathered friends.

Recently the remains were discovered of a prehistoric creature that was ostrich-like! This dinosaur had feathers. Much like a velociraptor with short feathered arms. Many suggest this dinosaur skeleton is proof of the beginning of the evolution where dinosaurs downsized. They believe dinosaurs downsize into birds amongst many other creatures that we have commonly across the world today. The shocking truth is they could be right.


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