Dirty Laundry or Dirty Windows?

The shocking truth about people is we sometimes don’t realize how silly we can be. This is the case for a middle-aged soccer mom who was staring out of her window for the past several months at her neighbors while they hung their laundry. Of course, she doesn’t hang her laundry; she has a dryer. For this reason, she believed that anyone who is hanging their clothes was just strange. However, it intrigued her to watch them hang the clothes on the line. As she stared out of her window, she noticed the family living there must not have a lot of money or don’t know any better because when they wash their clothes, they still appear to be dirty.

This daily routine went on for several weeks until one day she was looking out of the window and noticed that her neighbor’s laundry was clean and bright. She thought finally they got a raise at work or learned to wash laundry properly. She even mentioned this to her husband. Her husband simply looked at her and laughed. In return, the curious, opinionated woman asked her husband what he was laughing about.

He looked at her and said you thought their laundry was dirty, and I think that’s funny. It was our windows that were dirty because you never clean them. I just cleaned the window, so now you can see everything for all the beautiful colors it has to hold. The lady blushed and felt silly as she realized standing inside and judging the outside world from your point of view is kind of a silly thing to do because you might miss the true colors that are in front of you. Life gives us all kinds of wake up calls people, and that’s the shocking truth!


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