Discovered and Endangered By the Hands of Man

Just discovered in the Solomon Islands by a marine biologist named David Gruber, who is in the emerging National Geographic Explorer a new bio-fluorescence sea creature was added to the list. While filming sharks and coral reefs off of the coast of the Solomon Islands David Gruber discovered a sea turtle that is been identified by the name Kama hawksbill sea turtle.

The hawksbill sea turtle is said to be the first-of-its-kind when it comes to reflecting blue light that hits a surface emitting light in a different color. This process is what is known as bio-fluorescence. The hawksbill sea turtle unfortunately also has another home other than the Solomon Islands. The other home for this Majestic creature is the critically endangered species list.

The shocking truth is people take little regard or care when it comes to the majestic creatures on our planet. Many of us have a self-righteous attitude that we are better than everything else. When we fail to realize that the planet requires a symbiotic relationship with everything that lives on it and not just the way people wanted we are in for certain doom. By documenting these amazing creatures, this may be the only chance we’ll ever have to learn of them. If we continue going at the rate we are now we will destroy everything that is beautiful about this planet and that my friends is the shocking truth, the real truth.

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