DNA Found that Could Prove Aliens Exist Once and for All

The shocking truth about life on Earth is that Earth is not the only place life exists. For centuries now people have been believers of life beyond the stars. Many have thought that we are not alone in the universe while others believe we are the center of the universe, and everything is created around us. Obviously to most of us this arrogant form of thinking has been the destruction of our planet and is what has taken us to the point we are at today.

Progressive minded, forward-thinking individuals that challenged the basic we are the center of the universe theory and know that life exists on multiple different levels elsewhere. Further proof of alien life or should I say human life in outer space was just recently discovered by the Rosetta satellite.

While researching and conducting tests on a comet, Rosetta discovered the basic building blocks of life. These are basic proteins and specific DNA. I guess the truth really is out there, and some people have known it all along. Personally, I believe aliens are amongst us and live in our oceans. Soon we see these extraterrestrial beings and life as we know it will forever change. History books and science books will be rewritten, and a new course of evolution for humankind will begin. That my friends is the shocking truth.


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