Doctors Have Been Lying and Many Have Died Because of It


Doctors and physicians that are supposed to be individuals who have taken an oath to provide care to people. These are the same ones that are guilty of causing the most alarming rate of addiction that the world has ever seen with prescription drugs. The fact that they hand out these prescription drugs like candy attribute highly to the addiction rates, overdose rates and health problems that have skyrocketed. In fact, there are doctors that have been arrested recently for sending people to chemotherapy treatments that didn’t even have cancer.


Now for the real shocking truth, we have the cure for cancer! It is just a matter of legalizing it. That’s right cannabis cures cancer and the National Institute of Health along with the National Cancer Institute have verified the solidity of these findings and can no longer keep it a secret from the world. Cannabis may not cure your cancer completely, but it helps to maintain, manage and control the symptoms for many individuals that do not find complete remission for their cancer.


The combination of THC with CBD and other vital compounds found within the cannabis plant are effectively destroying cancer. If this pisses you off to know, they’ve had a cure for cancer for decades but have been keeping it from the American people just wait! Over the next several years we will start to see decades of corruption exposed as the old dying corrupt politicians make their way out of office.

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