Does Facebook Work With Terrorists?

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Today’s world has become increasingly violent and has more acts of terrorism occurring than ever before it seems. Social media platforms are helping terrorists to stay in touch, recruit new members, and ideally plan their horrifying acts of terror. Facebook, for example, is the prime tool for those in the terrorist community to connect. Furthermore, Facebook seems to deny Americans their constitutional right to freedom of speech, but will allow these terrorist to do what they want at will.

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When you are utilizing a social media platform to recruit new members to attack a nation, the platform that allows this is no better than the terrorists themselves. Facebook will ban pregnant women from breastfeeding, they will ban individuals from educating the public to the truths about cannabis, and have stirred up rough waters with multiple women’s rights groups recently. This shows a growing support by Facebook for terrorists and others who support demoralising and destroying the infrastructure of America in my eyes and the eyes of many. So the next time you get ready to go on Facebook to talk about your day, just know that you are only letting terrorists know the ins and outs of America. Facebook will not ban these accounts or block them.


For example, the young male Bilal Hadfi, who supported the terrorist attacks in Paris. This individual shouted out with joy during school in regards to the Charlie Hebdo attacks, then later took to Facebook posting more support. Facebook is becoming a tool for terrorism, and I do not believe it has a place in our society any longer! Facebook needs to acknowledge American rights while instantly banning anyone who supports terrorism or in my eyes they are  un-American and have no place in American business. When a social media platform becomes a place for radicalized recruitment, it no longer has a place in America!

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