Dolphin Joins Soli Bailey to Ride an Epic Wave

There are many different types of mammals on our planet other than human beings. Just because something is not human does not mean it is stupid. Many of these mammals that are not human beings display extreme intelligence. There are people out there who believe that these mammals communicate on a different level than human beings do. Not all communication needs to be done on a verbal basis. Much like human beings these other mammals like to play and have fun too. Sometimes they even ham it up for the camera. This was the case in the story.

A professional surfer by the name of Soli Bailey was surfing in South Australia. It was a normal day of taking in some awesome waves and enjoying the amazing power and mesmerizing grace of the ocean when out of the blue Bailey looked up and for a moment thought a shark was coming to eat him. Instead, it was a playful dolphin who dropped in on Bailey’s wave to surf it with him.

In an exceptional display of acrobats, this dolphin surfed the wave while being recorded on video, right next to Bailey. Dolphins are very playful creatures that are often known to get beside boats and ships while doing jumps flips and other acrobatics. There are many different intelligent and magnificent mammals on the planet other than human beings. We must remember this. This dolphin is a prime example of one of those exemplary mammals.

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