Donald Makes Miley Cry and She May Leave the Country if He is Elected POTUS

Miley Cyrus unknowingly and unwillingly caused a giant spike in support for Donald Trump. Miley Cyrus expressed that she would be leaving the United States if Donald Trump was elected for president. As soon as the news got out about this claim people quickly took to the Internet to validate its authenticity. According to Miley Cyrus, it is true 100%. If Donald Trump wins, she is out of this country for good.

Little did she know that apparently people dislike her more than they do Donald Trump. Being that Miley Cyrus has been banned from parties and turned into that person that you just don’t really want to be associated with in the celebrity world, it is not really that shocking of news that she would be doing something outlandish. What is shocking is that support for Donald Trump is at an all time high now thanks to Miley Cyrus claiming that if he is elected president that she will leave the country.


Now people that previously would not have voted for Donald Trump are voting for Donald Trump just in hopes of getting rid of Miley Cyrus once and for all. What happened to Miley Cyrus? Hannah Montana? We understand that everybody has to grow up, but something apparently happened to this poor child.

Her behavior is not necessarily intolerable it’s just as if she never learn that there is a time and place. Not so sure who to point fingers at or blame here but I can tell you this much pretty much all Disney stars have emotional and traumatic issues. I’m beginning to think that Disney’s the culprit. Did Bill Cosby ever work for Disney?


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