Donkeys are Running for Office Making a Mockery of America

It would seem every day Donald Trump’s name is in the news. It’s either Donald Trump is being racist and beating up individuals at his rallies or throwing people out of his speeches. Then there’s Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is lying about this, lying about that, can’t remember this and can’t remember that! Yelling about Bernie Sanders not supporting her and Health Care reform in the nineties and where was he? Only to have that question answered by Bernie Sanders staff.

The answer to that question was directly behind you Hillary Clinton. Although Hillary Clinton would have no idea about what happened in her political past because she is not a true leader nor does she deserve the even attempted effort at becoming a United States President. Her and Donald Trump together are making a mockery of America. They’re making us the laughingstock of nations around the world. Our news media is doing no better because they are feeding this frenzy.

By reporting every breathing breathtaking second of Idiocrasy that these two morons are guilty of like it is live breaking news that is so important! I guess the sad thing is it truly is. America is becoming the laughing stock of the world for a good reason. Because we allow people such as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to waste our taxpayer’s dollars and waste the time of American citizens with their nonsense. We have no place for self-guided politically gained bullies. Racism and hate have built this nation nothing. It has almost torn it apart on multiple occasions in fact! Wake up America and prevent these a$$holes from making office!

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