Don’t Fall A Sheep or This Might Happen

One might not realize but tending to sheep can be a very boring job. If you’ve never seen a sheep tender then perhaps you should watch A Million Ways to Die in the West. For one particular herder of sheep AKA Shepherd, he was having a really baaaaad day. Worse than one of his sheep ending up at the local whorehouse with a $20 bill in its wool, 1000 sheep took to the streets in a wooly rampage.

In a sleepy little Spanish town named Huesca, 1300 sheep decided to run amok in the streets crossing the road with no one watching them in sight. Authorities were contacted and notified of the sheep that were roaming the roads of the town. Upon locating the sheepherder and waking him up the police and the sheepherder managed to get all of the wandering sheep back where they belong.

Luckily nobody or no sheep were hurt in this incident. It just goes to show you that you can fall asleep in a blink of an eye even when you’re watching sheep you don’t just have to be counting them . In all honesty though you have to give the sheepherders some kind of credit. Counting sheep is enough to make anybody pass out. Imagine if you had to count 1300 sheep in the middle of the night. You would be asleep too and that’s the shocking truth!

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