Don’t Get Caught On This Hook’s Camera

The shocking truth is you might get hooked spying on people in bathrooms if you ever start doing it. The best advice is don’t start spying on people in bathrooms because you might get hooked and caught and that’s the shocking truth. This is exactly what went down in the Florida Keys. People vacation from all around the world to visit the beautiful and majestic Florida Keys. From watching fire jugglers to taking in the sights of the boardwalk and enjoying both the views of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico Key West offers a Tropical Paradise.

On this Tropical Paradise, you can also find videos of people using the bathroom and the things they do when they’re in the bathroom stall thanks to hidden cameras that have been found in accessory hooks inside of bathrooms. Often people change clothes in bathrooms from bathing suits in to shorts or vice versa. People are also known to get a little frisky and have sex inside of bathrooms in the Florida Keys to.

If you have done either of these things then you may just be on somebody’s private list of dirty internet videos. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office have found that public restrooms all across the Florida Keys have hidden cameras in them. If you see hook inside of a stall in a public bathroom and don’t want to end up on somebody’s private video collection of strange s*** then be sure to check and make sure it doesn’t have a hidden camera in it. Otherwise, you may be the next story on The Shocking Truths.

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