Don’t get Penalized for Drawing Penises – Get Penalised!

Penalised encourages you to draw penises. Imagine getting paid to sit around all day and draw penises! For some people, this is a dream job. As shocking as it may be this is actually a career. There is a firm called Penalised that does just this. Founded and designed by two professionals in the IT field that prefer to remain anonymous, the company Penalised and their renditions of the penis are in high demand.

penalized 1

By incorporating pictures of penises and balls into logos and company, marketing materials the two IT geniuses play the long stroke that could have ended up being a shot in the face. However the balls rolled smooth this time, and they scored a hole in one with their artistic penises and balls. Surprisingly there is a high demand for penises being affiliated with company logos through phallic symbol.

penalised 3

If you are thinking that only backstreet rinky-dink shops and childish websites would be interested in this type of material, you are mistaken. The company has already started out strong with commissions for corporations such as Pepsi, Starbucks, and BP. Imagine BP, big penis, you get the idea. Pepsi, two Ps, something to do with the penis possibly, and Starbucks well their penises for charging as much as they do for a cup of coffee anyways so it would only make sense.

penalised 4

You can be sure that you will be seeing more penises and balls from Penalised in the future. Could balls and penises be the next big trend in marketing? If so Penalised is already making a mark on the market. So if you are in the market for a career change and have a talent for drawing penises, you need to contact Penalised today!

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