Don’t Touch The Wildlife or It May Die


People that don’t know things about wildlife should leave it alone. The shocking truth is instead of helping now, and innocent baby bison calf is dead. This all started by a Park Visitor believing they found an abandoned bison calf wandering the streets and Yellowstone National Park. So what did they do they pick the baby bison calf up and put it in their vehicle to take it to a ranger station. The calf was later released, and the visitor has issued a citation.


Because this visitor picked up this bison calf and put the scent of human all over it when the calf was released into the wild, the herd would have nothing to do with it. Since the calf had a positive interaction with people it started approaching people and oncoming traffic. This put the calf in danger as well as those driving on the road. In 2015, three visitors were injured seriously while trying to take selfies with bison. If you don’t know how to appreciate Wildlife safely up close then please only do so from a distance if you do it at all!


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