Dreams May Be Realer Than You Think

In the strange world of science fiction, we sometimes have of wonder about what is actually science fact, not fiction. When we lay down at night to sleep we think we are safe in our beds. We know that some of us have some pretty amazing dreams that are extremely real while others don’t have any dreams at all.  Some say that the shocking truth to this is that we live alternate lives. While one life is sleeping another is awake living life to the fullest. Many times for those who experience this kind of dream pattern they are very reserved people who live by conformity.

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Imagine this for a moment if you will. You have a great job that you hate. It provides you with everything in life that you need except happiness. You have the picture perfect life with family and kids. Yet something is still missing. This is an example where your mind will start to wander some say. It will start to even daydream. When this starts to happen you could be experiencing a time in life of awakening that is often times referred to as a mid-life crisis. This means that you are changing and are not quite sure how to handle it.

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There are those out there who believe that you do more than take a girlfriend or boyfriend on the side and buy a new sporty car or truck. Some believe that we start living more in another life on a different plain. Imagine that all the amazing dreams of wild times you were having were real! What if? What if you are truly living vicariously through a different you. Is this possible? Could the dreams you have be really that real? You bet your but they can but that will all depend on who you ask. What if inception was real?

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