Drink Wine Instead of Hitting The Gym


Have you ever had the argument with your best friend that you don’t drink too much wine? The next time they tried to tell you, you have too many wine bottles or corks lying around the house, tell him it’s how you work out.

That’s right, studies have revealed that drinking a glass of wine, red wine, in particular, is just like working out at the gym for an hour. Unfortunately, if you drink five glasses of wine, it’s not the same equivalent as 5 hours of working out at the gym.


The University of Alberta Canada has conducted a study that found the benefits from resveratrol, a compound located in red wines, to be a lot like the benefits we get from exercise. Overall your muscle strength, physical performance, and heart function all receive increased benefits from resveratrol.


These benefits would be similar to if you had just worked out at the gym for roughly an hour. Jason Dyck was the lead researcher on the study conducted by the University of Alberta. Red wine was shown to reduce the likelihood of cancer or dementia and is considered and anti-aging substance is well.

So just remember that you can enjoy your glass of red wine every day and get the added benefits of hitting the gym for an entire hour. When your loved ones, friends or doctor suggest you should cut back on your wine, just have one glass a day. One really big glass!


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