E-Cigs are Only Safe Till They Blow the F$%^ Up

Many people think a great way to quit smoking cigarettes is to try E-cigarettes. E juice or nicotine juice can be lowered in dosages eventually allowing you to kick the habit. Some people enjoy just smoking e-cigarettes because of the flavors and the fact that they don’t smell like smoke. This combined with many other factors make people believe that E-cigarettes are safe for you. This is not always the case though.

There’s going to be countless studies you will see in the future that are going to talk about whether it’s good or whether it’s bad for you as smoking a cigarette. What’s in the Smoke? What’s not in the Smoke? How long does it burn? How hot does it burn? All those kinds of questions. None of that amounts to squat though. The real harm in E-Cigarettes is when they blow up in your pocket.

That’s right while shopping in a convenience store a gentleman had his e-cigarette blow up in his pocket. The extreme pain he was in from having part of his genitals blown off by the e-cigarette was shocking. So guys if you don’t want to blow your penis off don’t smoke e-cigarettes. Girls if you don’t want pieces of e-cigarettes shrapnel metal through your vagina don’t smoke e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes, when placed in your pocket, can be very dangerous apparently.

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