Eject-O Plane-O


Shocking news at its best gives us a story about a flight that will make you think twice on the direction in which air traffic is going. In a new attempted after at making people feel more secure about flying commercial airlines in the skies airplane companies and manufacturers R looking for new ways to assure the public they are safe when they are flying high in the sky. When something goes wrong at 30,000 feet, it typically ends disastrously. Engineers and Researcher have developed a new system that would potentially help save lives should there be an issue with a plane. This system allows for the cabin in which passengers are seated to be detached from the plane and safely parachute to the ground. I’m not sure what’s scarier the thought of being on a plane and suddenly dropped from 30000 feet, or that companies and manufacturers have to go to these distances in order to ensure the safety of the public.

Take a look at the design of this plane and decide for yourself if you would travel on a plane that would detach from itself in this manner. Imagine the potential of problems. What if you are just flying along, and suddenly a malfunction occurred and ejected the passenger cabin from the rest of the plane for no apparent reason! What if the passenger part of the plane fell into a volcano? Sometimes we worry too much about things that are beyond our control. No the design might seem far-fetched it has potential and catching on as the appeal to public safety is a must in order to keep passengers flying the skies.


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