Election Day Could Bring Martial Law No Matter Who Is Elected

The shocking truth this on Election Day this year for President you might want to make sure you have supplies stocked up such as extra food, water, and medicine because shits going to hit the fan. No matter who is elected President big cities stands a chance of seeing martial law. This is because there will be random acts of violence from either Bernie Sanders supporters, Hillary Clinton supporters, or Donald Trump supporters, these individuals are psychotic they are beating people because they do not agree with them or have different political viewpoints.

This shows just how lost society is and on Election Day when everybody doesn’t get their way there will be a bunch of butthurt people taking to the streets to express their dismay. At least those are the rumors circulating the internet. If you have a way to stock up on food, water, and medicine you may want to do so.

Be prepared to protect your family. The National Guard and the Army could be called in at any moment while President Obama could still enact martial law and stay in office indefinitely. Think that this can’t happen to think my friends again. That’s the shocking truth


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