Electric Cars and 50 MPG Isn’t New Technology

Automotives is an industry that is changing and becoming a greener one. Hybrid cars along with alternative sources of fuel are making groundbreaking lead way in environmental conservation. Rumor has it that automakers have been told by the year 2020 cars must get 50 miles to the gallon or better. Otherwise, these vehicles will not be allowed to be sold.

The shocking truth is automakers have had the technology to get 50 miles to the gallon from vehicles for decades. Leaders in the oil industry have prevented this technology from making its way mainstream. This would have hurt the oil industry tremendously. The financial impact the industry would have lost would have already persuaded many into alternate fuel sources decades ago.

Rather than applying this technology to bettering humankind and the future when it was discovered these tyrants held onto it until it became the only option available for the future of transportation! The shocking truth is your hybrid car along with vehicles that run on alternate fuel sources are just a convenient way of bringing out technology automakers have had in their possession for quite some time.


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