ELF Waves Are Killing Us All


For many years, there’ve been individuals who’ve said that our government is trying to control the weather. They have stated theories such as the government is releasing streams into the sky that come from planes. These streams that resemble clouds are filled with chemicals such as silver ion.  The silver ion in the clouds is used as part of an experiment in weather modification.


They have also stated things such as the government is using stations that transmit ELF extreme low-frequency waves also known as alpha waves into the atmosphere and clouds. These ELF waves would then give control over things such as precipitation, temperature, and more. For many years, these individuals who’ve spoken of this plan have been labeled as conspiracy theorists and not too many people have taken their theories to heart.


Recently though there has been proof discovered dating back decades that solidifies their theory that the government is experimenting with weather modification technologies.This proof came in the form of an official government document that clearly states that they have been performing research on weather modification at the cost of citizens. In addition, to this document, you can easily find maps of the ELF stations on the internet pinpointing the many different facilities that transmit these types of waves that exist around the world. There are four of them in the United States alone.


Could it have been the government that caused Hurricane Katrina? Or possibly they were behind the great earthquakes that have hit Japan over the last few years? Maybe they’re behind the drought that’s hitting California. Perhaps all the governments around the world are bouncing these waves back and forth off of one another not having any idea of the consequences. So the next time you look to the sky and see what you used to think was exhaust trails in the sky from planes, think again. Most likely you are seeing Chem- Trails


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