Elf Waves Could Have Caused a 2,000 Person Brawl at a Local Kentucky Mall

brawl 1

Elf Waves are extremely low-frequency waves may have been the cause behind a brawl in one of Kentucky’s largest malls this past Saturday night. It was as if the transmitter chips and the free cell phones that have been given out at grocery store locations around the nation went off and they tested it in a little redneck town. Much like they did in the movie The Kingsmen. More than 2,000 people reportedly erupted into what was considered one of the largest brawls at a Kentucky mall. This worried me because 2,000 people brawling in the mall to me is pretty severe apparently this happens often in Kentucky.

brawl 3

A total of 50 officers combined with on-duty officers at the mall and a total of five different agencies needed to team up to respond to these brawls that were happening. Teenagers and even individuals into their early twenties were apparently holding a brawl at the mall. When malls were told, they should close they were denied the ability to do this by juveniles who were refusing to leave and would climb on security gates to prevent them from closing them. They were even allegedly shots fired both inside and outside of the mall. Pretty much any business within the area of the mall closed early that night as to avoid having any of these individuals come into their business establishments. Kentucky a great place to live don’t you want to move there! Leave it to the south.

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