Email Has Passed Away, Well the Inventor of it at Least

In news, that is shocking and sad, the inventor of the email has passed away. 74-year-old Ray Tomlinson was the man who invented the email that is so widely used and popular today. Just imagine you’ve got mail would never have been a sentence unless we were referring to the postman walking to our door. This forward progressive thinking individual helped to preserve the environment considerably thanks to email.

When mail went electronic, it cut back on deforestation as well as industrial pollution. What was kind of shocking is that most people do not know the name, Ray Tomlinson. This individual is an iconic symbol of American history.

Starting back in 1971 working in Boston, Tomlinson sent the very first email. Unlike previous similar versions where you can share notes on the same computer, he discovered the way to send emails to a recipient’s computer. This was, in essence, the very first network messaging program.

The command he discovered was snd msg. Ray Tomlinson will always have a spot in history, and the world has evolved to a different place because of his discovery. Tomlinson’s passing is sad news to those in the tech industry as Ray was a pioneer that has been the foundation of many new advancements over the years.

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