Even Obama Has Break Downs

There are some strange things going on in politics these days, and the shocking truth is nobody is really that surprised. Ben Carson apparently does not recall even running for president. For those of you that don’t recall Ben Carson, he was a Republican hopeful to replace Barack Obama. Speaking of Barack Obama while Ben Carson was in the news this week Obama also made the news.

Apparently he couldn’t take the stress of presidency any longer and had a spazz attack. He ran out of weed and Michelle was apparently being quite feisty with him. So what are you doing this situation? You run like hell and try to jump the fence at the White House before being tackled by Secret Service agents and escorted back to the Oval Office. Even the president can have a bad day from time to time. Next time Obama may be you should do what my kids always say. Try digging a hole.

Regardless of how anybody might think about Obama or Carson everyone’s entitled to have a mental breakdown. Especially if you were either one of these individuals. It’s no surprise that Carson doesn’t remember running for the presidency I do not believe he actually remembers running for office of any sort. He just kind of showed up. Then Barack Obama well he’s another story altogether. It’ll be a surprise that he even leaves office. Rumors on the internet say that martial law is coming.


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