Extra Sticky Head? WTF?

Sometimes people in real life have super powers just like Stan Lee goes out to fine for his TV series. In this instance, a man by the name of Jamie Keeton is the source of this shocking truth. Imagine for a minute if you will every time a cup, can, bottle of water, or other substance was to touch your head it stuck to it. This sounds quite peculiar for some as many people don’t go around sticking cans and bottles to their head.

The shocking truth is a man by the name of Jamie Keeton does as he discovered 23 years ago that his natural epidermis has a unique ability to reproduce adhesiveness. Currently on top of this amazing X-Men-like ability he also holds the Guinness World Record for having the most cans stuck to a human head. There are reportedly several other individuals who have tried to beat this record by nailing cans to their head but were disqualified for cheating.

Luckily Jamie did not have to go to extreme extents to gain the record in the Guinness World Book of Records; his extra adhesive head is all natural. The big questions are do vaginas stick to his head? Does he wake up every day with a pillow stuck to his head? Does it interfere with day to day actions such as kissing?

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